Valentine is the season of romantic getaways, where couples visit choice cities to spend time with each other. For some, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than another day of the week while for others, it is a day to be expected.

Love is a beautiful thing. Butterflies in the tummy, flowers and cakes, chocolates and red colour. Valentine is the season of love. Lovers celebrating their partners in the most romantic ways, under the most exotic of atmospheres and with the most expensive of gifts.Love - Valentine's Day

Different regions also have different ways of celebrating this all-important lovers’ affair. In America for example, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate friendship than it is about romance. But in France, it is solely a time to show love to your romantic partner. As a result of this, France is usually the choice holiday destination for couples during this season.

Whether it is the celebration of friendship or romance, Valentine’s Day provides a great opportunity for everyone to celebrate love. But here is an interesting fact not many people are aware of: there is such a thing as Valentine’s Week.

In Indian, Valentine’s Week is a prevalent practice – starting from 7th of February to 14th of February every year. So, while many are waiting for the 14th of February, some cultures already have a week-long love celebration going on.

Lovers on Valentine's Day

Highlights of Valentine Week

Valentine Week as practised is a week – 7 days full of activities. With each activity leading to the other and climax on the 14th – Valentine’s Day. To provide a better perspective on the different activities that make up the week below is a full list from Valentine Week:

  1. 7th February – Rose Day: This day is dedicated to the exchange of flowers and romantic messages.
  2. 8th February – Propose Day: This is the day you tell your loved one how you truly feel about them. In the case of a wedding proposal, the venue and accompanying gifts are vital.
  3. 9th February – Chocolate Day: Exchange of special heart-shaped chocolates and accompanying gifts is the reason for this day.
  4. 10th February – Teddy Day: This is the day to gift your loved one a teddy.
  5. 11th February – Promise Day: Promises might be easier to make than to keep, but this is the day to make honest promises to your partner, it is a good way to express your love.
  6. 12th February – Hug Day: A hug has the power to ease stress and tension, and is easily a good way to show that you care deeply.
  7. 13th February – Kiss Day: There are many ways to show that you love your partner, but none is as personal as a kiss – French kiss, kiss on the forehead or lip to lip kiss.
  8. 14th February – Valentine’s Day: The most popular day of the week, dedicated to spending quality time with your partner doing something you both enjoy. Exchange of gifts, romantic messages and activities characterize this day.
Lovely Cakes - Valentine's Day

Love is a beautiful thing, it is fulfilling and worth celebrating. One day in a year might not be enough to celebrate your lover and the love that you share with others. Hence, we have highlighted the one-week practice to expose you to alternative actions and activities you can engage to show your partner how much you love them, beyond the activities of one day.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at XTREME Mindz Solutions!!!


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