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Storytelling like every other form of communication has evolved over time in terms of form and delivery. This evolution is a result of the constant change in trends and prevalent realities per time, yet the result obtainable from storytelling remain unchanged.

Making storytelling a priority for your marketing team and efforts is certainly a difference-maker. Amongst other reasons, here are a few whys and wherefores you should pay more attention to storytelling.


  1. Complex ideas are better communicated

It doesn’t matter how boring the idea itself is, as long you are able to properly craft an engaging story to communicate the idea, people would be able to engage with your idea.

Coming up with a well-crafted story is not as difficult as it might seem. A simple story detailing the thoughts, conversations and occurrences that led to the establishment of your business is a good place to start.


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  1. With storytelling, you can communicate your truth

The beautiful thing about storytelling is that the story is yours to tell. You can choose to share your personal story or that of someone else. You can also create a new story by way of fiction. But the power of what story to tell, what details to leave out and what details to brush up is completely yours. You are the author of your own story and this gives you absolute control.

This is hardly the case when you are bluntly communicating industry facts. With industry facts, nearly everything is already cast in stone, the best you can do is rephrase in your words and share your thoughts on how your business or personal brand is serving the industry. But with storytelling, you are both the judge and the jury – the truth is what you say it is.

Storytelling is empowering, it gives you the opportunity to share your own truth to the world. The many businesses that have prospered all over the world have a story to tell. For Mark Zuckerberg, he needed a way to keep in touch with his friends, but couldn’t find one, so he created Facebook to help people connect. When people hear the story of Facebook, their need for the solution it provides becomes clear to them.

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  1. Storytelling makes your brand human

People want to relate to people. More so, people prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust. Getting people to part with their hard-earned money is no easy feat, even if you are selling them the solution to their most important need. You are not the only one in business, so you want to position as a human that truly cares. It is said that people don’t care about what you know until they know that you care.

Stories make your brand human. Tell the story that led to the start of your business. Tell the story of a customer whose life got changed as a result of your business operations. Tell the story of a real-life challenge you have faced in the course of running your business and how you overcame it. Give people a sneak peek into the human side of your brand, this builds confidence and would, in turn, drive your business goals.

Storytelling is an interesting business communication tool. In the concluding part of this short course, we would examine powerful tips for effective storytelling. Well done for coming this far.

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