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Once upon a time is always a good way to start, but who says you have to start that way? As long as digital storytelling is concerned, the most important thing is that you tell your truth and interestingly too. Get your audience glued from the word go. You could start off with a catchy quote, humorous statement or a fact. Whatever you decide to go with, always remember that your introduction is vital to your entire digital storytelling.

It is no news that people hardly read these days. Whilst this is not far from the truth, it is however not the entire story. The true story is that 21st Century readers read differently. They barely have the patience to go through any ‘boring’ statistics, even if it is adding money to their account. Subsequently, if you were to give them a statistics lecture, you would have to present it in a manner that would interest them . This is why most statistics are presented in charts.

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While storytelling is no new concept, it certainly has the power to drive your communication at all levels. Business communication is vital to the survival of any organization and there is no better way to communicate your business ideals other than telling your brand story. This same principle applies to personal brands. Telling your story makes you human.

Storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination. Once people are able to connect with your story, they will listen to whatever you have to say or do whatever you would have them do in response.

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What you must do with your story

Your storytelling must tell a story. Painting contracting stories in the minds of your audience is not ideal in any way, always stay in line and focused.

Your story must also be consistent wherever you are found. People are quick to spot minor variations in a story, especially when it is told across several platforms. Ensure that your story is both consistent and adapted to each platform’s peculiarities. If you are posting your story on Instagram for instance, you might consider using more photos than long texts.

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Though storytelling might not seem so easy, it is also not difficult if you know just what to do and how to do it. You cannot effectively tell a story you don’t know, you have to understand your story, this is the first step to being able to communicate it effectively.

Businesses and storytelling

For so long, storytelling has been a thing for entertainment. It has never been seen as a real and effective business communication tool. But with the recent successes experienced by businesses who have adopted this medium of communication, it is evident that storytelling is much more than an entertainment tool.

Business campaigns of all sorts can benefit handsomely from the immense opportunity that storytelling offers. In truth, an effective business campaign is one that tells a valuable story and also gets some value in return.

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Businesses with social media efforts stand to benefit more from storytelling. According to statistics, most of the people who visit social media go there to be entertained. Hence, brands who use stories are sure to get the engagements they need and this means they can reach their goals quicker. Social media and storytelling are like flip sides of the same coin. If you are not seeing results from your social media efforts, consider switching to storytelling. When properly fleshed out, you can even turn your storytelling into a campaign that drives visibility and returns on investment.

Storytelling is an effective tool for business and personal communication. In the next part, we would be looking at the importance of storytelling and how you can effectively use storytelling for your communication needs. Keep reading, you have gotten to the good stuff already.

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