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Do you love storytelling? We have an interesting story to tell you. It is the type of story that makes you glued to the pages of your favourite novel series. Yeah, you remember those fine tales, so fine you don’t even remember they are just folktales.

So, let’s say it is storytime and we had an interesting story to tell you. How would you sit to take it all in? A common position would be laying on a couch with legs crossed and a cup of coffee in view. Knowing how powerful stories can be, would empower and motivate you to go all out in sharing information through stories, especially when you are certain to always have the attention of your readers.

storytelling: reading a story

As much as we appreciate the ease of access that comes with digital books; accessible on phones, tablets and other mobile devices, it sometimes feels self-rewarding to flip through pages the old-fashioned way – makes you look geeky :). Can you relate with that? The sound of every new page makes you feel like a warrior, reminding you of the demeanor of Amanda. You know Amanda, right? Well, Amanda is the beauty we all crush on. You know her right? She is planted somewhere around our office space. Let’s tell you something interesting about Amanda’s daily routine.

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But before this story becomes boring and you forget how it all started, let’s stop here for now and delve into the topic of the day. The idea of everything you have read to this point has been to stir up your mind and introduce you to the incredible power of storytelling. Did we get you?

And if you are still wondering what exactly the point is, it is simple: stories are powerful. When people read stories, they are able to relate better with whatever message you are trying to communicate. Before now, stories were a thing for novels. But that has changed because brands have learnt the importance of telling their stories.

Should you then fabricate stories just to deliver your message? Well, tell your truth but make it interesting. This short course is what you need to get started with storytelling. In the next part, we would take a closer look at the basics of storytelling. So, head on to the next part now!

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