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In the wake of the just-concluded Valentine season, one of our top-paying clients reached out to us for a brand activation campaign. They needed a new idea for their Valentine campaign, which was barely two (2) days away. This meant we had to quickly prepare for a business presentation.

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We had one day to come with ideas, validate the ideas and present it to them for execution the next day. Preparing for big business presentations of this sort requires lots of creative thinking and ability to quickly articulate. Well, being the creative advertising agency that we are, we aced it.

In this post, we share powerful tips that would help you prepare for your next big business presentation. Whether you are in business or career, these tips would empower you to prepare high converting business presentation in less time.

Business executive making a Business Presentation

  1. Prepare your ground

There would be times when your client or a prospect would need you to come up with a proposal in little or no time. Bearing in mind that you don’t get a second chance to create a first impression, you have to deliver your best on such short notice. If you are not prepared in any way, you would lose the opportunity.

The key is to prepare for times like that before they come. For a creative agency like us, we are constantly thinking out ideas. It is our business to do so, hence randomly thinking out ideas is ‘preparation’ for us. This way, when we receive an urgent order it is easy for us to quickly reach out into our virtual ideas bank to salvage the situation.

Business Presentation

You know your business, you know your target audience and their needs. You know your competitors and you have a good idea of the kind of expectations these stakeholders have of you. Draw out imaginary scenarios, think of possible problems and begin to outline solutions to them. Give yourself projects and execute on them, this helps to keep your fields green.

  1. Develop a template

The biggest challenge you would have in preparing for presentations in less time is having to start from scratch every single time. It is said that the hardest part of anything is starting. With a working template, you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

We recommend that you develop a template that defines the basic contents of your presentations. This enables you to focus your start energy on content, facts and figures that are relevant to your audience or the project at hand.

Preparing for a Business Presentation

It is easier to adapt a template than it is to start from scratch especially when you don’t have the time to breathe. With a well-developed template, your research energy per client or project is better focused.

  1. Document your style and processes

After each successful presentation, be sure to clearly itemize the factors and processes that went into that presentation. This serves as a benchmark for future presentations and a resource for replicating or exceeding past results.

Whilst a template gives you the tool to get started, the process document provides the shelf for storing your winning presentations and the processes that led to them. The template is to be adapted to fit each project or client, but the process document ensures that final presentations are properly collated for future references.

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Armed with an understanding of what worked and has worked for you, you are sure to come up with killer presentations in less time. Trying to create the wheel each time is why many people fail to meet presentations deadlines. You can do more in less time when you know where and what to focus your energy on.


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