Every business activity is a going-concern alongside the business itself. These activities put together, make for the effective day to day operations and culminate in the long-term survival of the business. Advertising must be seen for what it is – a business activity, one that should not take the place of other activities, but should ideally compliment them.

Let us assume for a second that your business is into the production and sales of goods – whether physical or otherwise, especially the former; it would be rhetorical to say that you need to keep producing more and more units of your goods to stay in business, right? This is the same with advertising.

how to do advertising

Advertising must be seen as a necessary part of your business. Failed attempts here and there should not make you neglect the very vehicle that is responsible for driving your profitability goals. Businesses exist to make money and it is the responsibility of advertising to attract the right client.

If your advertising game is not producing the results you want, here are common mistakes you might be making and how to stop making them.

  1. You are placing sales above advertising

Every business exists to make profits. In a bit to quickly achieve this, business owners are tempted to emphasize sales above advertising.

The people who come across your ads have real needs and desires. People prefer to do business with brands they know, like and trust. The only way to become this kind of brand to your prospects is through advertising.

Effective advertising is best approached as a subtle sales strategy. Identify the problems your target audience face and how your product solves this problem for them. Channel your communication towards proferring solutions, not marketing the price of your product or service.

  1. You are not telling any story

The dynamics of business communication keeps changing. More than ever, ads with the human feel tend to be more engaging and appealing and the one way to achieve this is through storytelling.

Write your story on old typewriter
Write your story

Instead of just telling people about your product and service, tell them a story that drives home your point. Don’t tell them that your product can quench their thirst. Tell the story of a customer who had to walk a long distance and the only thing that kept him going was the bottle of your product in his hand.The decision to buy a product or service is an emotional decision. People often buy based on how they feel at the moment, so if you can tell stories that help people connect emotionally with your products and services, then you can possibly sell to them.

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  1. Wrong targeting

Just because a platform has a lot of online traffic, doesn’t mean that it is good enough to help you achieve your marketing goals. What should matter the most to you should be the quality of the visitors to that platform and how their needs are in line with your offering. Target the right customers.


Appearing on every billboard, newspaper, radio, TV, social media etc., is not exactly what gets the job done. You can actually do fewer mediums and still achieve better results. Take a look at the market, put in some research into determining where your target audience can be best reached and then focus your effort into those forms of advertising.

Less is more when you know where exactly to put your efforts. Being visible is great for your business, but becoming visible to the wrong people has little or no bearing to your business success.

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