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Experience is the best form of marketing. Word on the streets holds that people make buying decisions based on emotions. If this is true, it then makes sense to consider events as a viable medium for advertising your business.

With brand activation events, brands get the chance to create an experience for their target audience.

What is brand activation and why?

Brand Activation is any campaign, event, or experience that enables your brand to engage directly with consumers and build a loyal brand community around your product or service. This type of events is set up as a deliberate attempt to incite interactions around products and services.

If you are looking for the best advertising method to achieve on the spot sales, brand activation is best suited for that purpose. The beautiful thing about these events is that they can be adapted to fit other advertising methods. For example, the videos from a brand activation can be edited and used for digital marketing purposes. Feedback from attendees to the event can be used as content for broadcast media.

Brand activation event attracts customers

No matter what your business goals are, brand activation is capable of helping you achieve them. Just hosting an event with your products on display doesn’t cut it, you must be deliberate and set clear cut goals. To help you ace your brand activation event, here are 4 questions you must answer before hosting your event.

  1. What experience does your product create?

If people are going to part with their money then your product or service must be such that delivers an experience to them.

Before organizing a brand activation event, you must be able to clearly define the experience your product creates. This is vital as the experience from your activation needs to be aligned with your product’s experience. The experience your product creates is your claim to value, be clear about it.

  1. Where does your target audience spend their time?

Understanding where your target audience spends their slack time would influence the type of event you should organize and the ideal venue for it. If they spend their time at fun events, organizing a keynote event might not get you the results you seek.

If brand activation is about creating memorable experiences for your clients, then you need to understand the type of events that would draw them into your zone and unto experiencing your product.

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  1. What kind of feedback do you frequently receive?

When two or more persons ask the same question, it is usually an indication that you might not be communicating as clearly as you should in that regard. Should you choose to organize an event aimed at practically addressing those issues, you already have an audience.

Feedback is important, but what you do with it is even more important. If people are asking questions about the alternative uses of your product, then you should consider an event where alternative uses of your product are practically explained in details.

  1. What do you need to make it happen?

As easy as it sounds, organizing a brand activation event is a lot of work. Anyone can organize an event where products and services are sampled, but an activation event is only successful when set targets are met.

No business wants to waste funds on frivolities. The reason many brands fail to carryout brand activation events is the fear of spending money and not gaining returns on such investment. But if carried out the right way, the reverse is the case.

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If you don’t have the talent or experience necessary for hosting a successful activation event, it is safe to engage the services of a reputable event management company. An example of such a company is XTREME Mindz Solutions, she is guaranteed to give your brand the perfect head-start.

Brand activation is not the future of advertising but has the power to land you new customers, turn your existing customers to brand ambassadors and create the awareness your brand needs. Take advantage of its offerings to give your business the attention it deserves.

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